Apache Ant is a command-line tool that is used to automate the build and deployment of applications. This plugin calls the Ant executable to run one or more targets defined in a specified Ant script file and is very useful for quickly integrating legacy automation into your HCL Launch Processes. HCL Launch agents include distribution of Ant, which is used by default, but other versions can be used by providing the path to the Ant installation directory in your Process Step.

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HCL Launch
Apache Ant v1.6.5 or higher
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HCL Software
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You can use Apache Ant to build and deploy applications. The Apache Ant plugin automates the use of the Apache Ant command line tool.

This plugin includes one or more steps, click Steps for step details and properties.


This plugin supports Apache Ant version 1.6.5 or later.

This plugin runs on all operating systems that HCL Launch supports with the exception of IBM z/OS.


No special steps are required for installation.


The following table describes the changes made in each plugin version.

Plugin history details
Version Description
7 Added translations for steps and properties


Use the Apache Ant plugin to specify a build script to run or you can include the build script in the step. You can also specify command-line options in the step.

Before you begin

Verify that a Java Development Kit (JDK) is installed. The required version of the JDK depends on the version of Apache Ant that you are using. See the system requirements topic under Installing Apache Ant for details.

Step palette

To access this plugin in the palette, click Build > Build tools.


The following process steps are available in the Apache Ant plugin.


Use this step to run an Ant script.

Input properties for the Ant step
Name Type Description Required
ANT OPTS String One or more Ant-specific arguments, which are used in the ANT_OPTS environment variable. For example, -Xmx1024m or -XX:MaxPermSize=512m. Enter each argument on a separate line. No
ANT_HOME String The installation directory of Apache Ant. The default value is the ANT_HOME environment variable for the agent. Yes
Ant Properties String One or more Ant-specific arguments, such as using -v for verbose output. Enter each argument
on a separate line.
Ant Script File String The name of the Ant script file. Yes
JAVA_HOME String The path to the Java installation to run Ant scripts. The default is the JAVA_HOME
environment variable for the agent.
JVM Properties String One or more JVM-specific arguments, such as -Xmx=512m for maximum memory. Enter each argument
on a separate line.
Properties String These properties are passed to the Ant command processor and are available by name in the Ant script.
Enter each argument on a separate line in the following format: name=value.
Script Content String Defines the content of the Ant script. The content is written to the
Ant script file and then the file is run.
Targets String One or more names of the targets to run in the Ant script file. Do not specify a target if you are using the default target. No