CA Harvest Software Change Manager (CA Harvest SCM) provides powerful, process-driven capabilities for managing development teams across your enterprise, encompassing multiple platforms and release management tools. This release management software enforces your IT governance policies and corporate compliance initiatives, including those defined by the Sarbanes-Oxley Act. It also can ensure adherence to your ITIL®-based best practices.

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HCL Launch
HCL Launch 6.0.1 and later
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The CA SCM source configuration plugin enables you to import artifacts as component version.


This UrbanCode Deploy source configuration plugin works with all current supported versions of CA Harvest SCM.

This plugin requires HCL Launch 6.0.1 and later.

This plugin runs on all operating systems that are supported by the HCL Launch agent.


See Installing plugins in HCL Launch for installing and removing plugins.


The following table describes the changes made in each plugin version.

Plugin history details
Version Description
3 Minor enhancements


To use this plugin, create a component to define the CA artifacts to be used. The component contains the information for importing the artifacts and any processes to perform on the artifacts.

Create a component

To create a component, complete the following steps. For more information, see .

  1. In the HCL user interface, click Components and then click Create Component.
  2. In the Create Component window, specify a name and description for the component.
  3. In the Teams fields, specify the access information for the new component.
  4. To use a template for the new component, select a template from the Template list. In this case, the component inherits source configuration, properties, and processes from the template.
  5. In the Source Config Type list, select CA.

  6. Specify the properties for the component. See the Setting tab for descriptions.
  7. Click Save.

Import a version

When the artifacts are imported, a component version is created using the version of the package. You can specify to import a specific package version or import all versions. If importing all versions, a component version is created for each version.

  1. Click the Versions tab for the component.
  2. Click Import New Versions.
  3. Specify a specific version of the package to import, or leave blank to import the latest version of the package available in the repository. Additionally, enable Import All Versions to import all versions of a package.
  4. Click Save.


The following process steps are available in the CA SCM plugin.

Harvest Checkout

Use hco to checkout files from CA SCM

Input properties for the Harvest Checkout step
Name Type Description Required
File Search Patterns String New line separated list of patterns to match files to be retrieved. Yes
Package Name String The name of the package to checkout. No
Project Name String The name of the project. Yes
State String The State to checkout from. Yes
Use Only Package Versions Boolean Check here to only get versions from the package specified. No
View Path String The view path to use. Yes