The IBM Bluemix Auto-Scaling plugin provides steps to interact with the Auto-Scaling for Bluemix service by using the REST API. The plugin supports attaching an Auto-Scaling policy to a Bluemix application with authorization support from the IBM Containers plugin.

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HCL Launch
HCL Launch 6.0.1 or later
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HCL Software
Updated Date
May 31, 2021
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2.1100942 17-Mar-2021 13:26



The IBM Bluemix Auto-Scaling plugin allows you to add and modify policies for IBM Bluemix Auto-Scaling. The plugin communicates with IBM Bluemix by using the REST API.

This plugin includes one or more steps, click Steps for step details and properties.


This plugin requires HCL Launch 6.0.1 or later.

This plugin is compatible with agents running on operating systems that are supported by HCL Launch. This plugin does not support agents running on z/OS.


See Installing plugins in HCL Launch for installing and removing plugins.


The following table describes the changes made in each plugin version.

Plugin history details
Version Description
2 Minor enhancements


Step palette

To access this plugin in the palette, click IBM BlueMix > Auto Scaling.


The following process steps are available in the IBM BlueMix Auto-Scaling plugin.

Add Auto-Scale Policy to Application

Attach an Auto-Scale policy to a Bluemix application.

Input properties for the Add Auto-Scale Policy to Application step
Name Type Description Required
Application ID or Name String The ID or name of the application to add the policy to. Yes
Policy String The full JSON policy or absolute path to the policy file. Yes
Scaling API URL String The URL of the target BlueMix Scaling API system, such as This is found under the environment variables of the applications auto-scaling service. Yes